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The Wild Hares Team

The Wild Hares are an adventure race team based in Omaha, Nebraska. We are a fun, talented team that enjoy the challenges that only adventure racing can give. The Wild Hares have competed in dozens of adventure races all over the United States. We have competed and won both local and regional races, qualifying us for national competitions.

Adventure Racing

Adventure racing is a very young sport. It combines numerous athletic abilities into a single event that can span hours or even days. No adventure race is like another. Every race requires on and off road skills in running, mountain biking. Most races include at least one water challenge like canoeing or kayaking. Often, they will include rope sections that require skills in rappelling, ascending or traversing. To top it all off, every race requires you to be able to read a map and find checkpoints (many times, you have to know how to plot the checkpoints based on UTM coordinates). These checkpoints can be obvious landmarks, or a single point buried deep in the woods.

Adventure racing is an extremely strenuous activity. Winning takes dedication and focus on teamwork. During the race, the team must stay together and finish together. If you want more information, visit the USARA website.